April 14, 2024

Employment law in Canada has seen new dawn since every passing day when the law was originally established centuries ago. However, not all employees are actually aware of their professional rights. The government protects you in various ways on multiple grounds. So, in case you have been subjected to any kind of harassment or discrimination at your workplace, you must look forward to hiring a competent Civil litigator from firms like Liebman Legal. The first few rights that every employee, in general, should be aware of are listed below. 

  • The number of holidays you’re eligible for
  • The minimum number of work hours 
  • The number of paid sick leaves Minimum wages

Having said that, employment rights are not limited to just these few considerations. It’s a widespread field that protects employees in a lot of other ways as listed below. 

  1. Canadian Human Rights Act

This employment law is implemented in the cases where an employee faces discrimination on any or all of the following grounds. 

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Pregnancy 
  • Color

If you’ve faced any such troubles in your workplace, you must call a reputable legal firm like Liebman Legal because;

  • Lawyers at such reputable firms are highly learned professionals with in-depth knowledge about all kinds of civil rights for workers 
  • They offer the best possible solution in the interests of their clients 
  1. Employment Equity Act

This employment law is applicable to federal companies and it protects;

  • Women
  • Physically disabled people
  • Minors
  • Aboriginal people 

Having said that, every employment law is made to ensure that all workers are treated in the same way irrespective of their gender or ethnicity. In case the employers fail to provide for the employees in any way, it is the right of the emploee to challenge the decision of the management in regard to;

  • Medical reimbursement 
  • Proper compensation in regard to immediate termination

Basic Features Of Value

Workers in Canada are divided under 3 major classifications – Employees, dependent contractors, and independent contractors.

In he cases when a person is working under an employer, he/she is eligible for;

  • Pension plans 
  • Health insurance 
  • Payment rollout

However, when a person is working individually, in the absence of a union to represent the rights – the employer needs to serve a prior notice to the employee before terminating the contract.  

On a closing note, a Civil Litigator works with clients who have faced the injustice of any type (monetary or discrimination) and represent them in the court if the employers fail to offer suitable compensation as a part of the out of court settlement process.